'Khichdi 2' review: Film falls short on entertainment

Thirteen years after the original, the cast and crew return for Khichdi 2, a comedic film in which the Parekh family travels to a fictional location to free locals from tyranny.

The group pretends to be documentary filmmakers to enter and gain the trust of local leaders, facing numerous complications along the way.

Khichdi 2 retains the nostalgia of the original, with consistent character quirks and performances, helped by the cinematography and production design.

Despite some comedic scenes, a good portion of them are unsuccessful, leading to a dragged and often confusing narrative, with extraneous and ineffective musical sequences.

The seasoned cast are praised, with standout performances from Supriya Pathak as Hansa, Vandana Pathak as Jayshree, Rajeev Mehta in a double role, and others.

While there's a nostalgic element, Khichdi 2 does not completely entertain, as the film format can make the character quirks and overall madness overwhelming.